Another Year older

Activist, comedian, author, rantaholic, coffeeholic, whiskeyholic and host of the New York Times’ absolute *favourite* show Redacted Tonight, Lee Camp, celebrates another year of awesome on July 21nd. Leave the birthday boy a comment and a whiskey or two!”

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22 thoughts on “Another Year older

  1. Happy Birthday to the best humorist, activist, asshole and all round good guy i know! You’ve opened many a mind and eyes, and squeedgied a damn few third eyes too! Here’s to another 21 years! (You are 21,right?)

  2. Here’s to another year of kicking ass and taking names, Lee.

    Thanks for reminding activists that the struggle is worth it and making us laugh while doing so. What you do means a lot to a lot of people.

    PS. Your kitten is in the mail.

    PPS. You might wanna feed it as soon as you open the box.

  3. What would we do without people like you, Lee? We blindly be voting for another Centrist, that’s what! So much love and gratitude from us all.
    Sinéad 😘

  4. Lee, been a fan since your early shows. Thanks for all your blatant Truth and your using humor to defuse just enough so that we’ve the emotional space to talk real about this corporate fascist sit storm we call the USA.
    Here’s to another year of #Impeach Congresscritters!

  5. Love the show, would happily buy you a birthday whiskey (no matter how belated) just to sit and B.S. might need more than one to slow you down, keep the back and forth rants under control. HAPPY BIRTHDAY

  6. On behalf of the New Democratic Party, we extend our sincere thanks for the work you do everyday. Your show is a valuable asset to the progressive movement. We all wish you a very happy birthday, Lee.


  7. Lee, thank you for providing thoughtful comedic relief and powerful insight day in, and day out. Happy birthday!!

  8. Lee,
    Happy Birthday! 🎂🎁🎈
    It’s been a year to celebrate the warriors of freedom. Here’s to the best of the bunch.
    🍻Cheers Lee!

    Lisa Theobald

  9. Happy Birthday, Lee! We are all big big fans of yours and look forward to many more years of working for the people’s rights with you! Keep fighting!

  10. Hey happy birthday, Lee! Thank you for your tireless work against the oligarchy and injustice everywhere. We’re with you! Enjoy some cake and booze!

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