Long Time No Post!

Well it’s been a while since i last posted anything,hasn’t it? So i thought i would not only post about some new art, but my shop AND where you too can get some of the things i use in my images.

So, first things first – the image. This one is called “Brain Storming”. It’s a collage piece of art, and i am finding that i am more relaxed when doing collage art. I don’t have any preconceived ideas of what i want to make, but i do always seem to start by looking at the stock images i have. That’s always a good base to start from. Also having a good background too. So go searching for the right one, or make one yourself.  Next i looked at my pngs that i have to see what felt “right” and used those. Sometimes i even have to go looking for the right pngs or stock to use. Which can take up alot of time. Us artists are such perfectionists! Using all this plus some brushes and other stock images, i make what i think looks great. Sometimes tho, what i make never sees the light of day. Why? Well, i have to feel that it looks good enough for others to see. If not, then it goes in a folder to gather virtual dust. 

Enough blabbering, here is said image: – 


The place where i get most of the things i use in my art – brushes, gradients, pngs etc – is from Deviant Art. Go check out my fav folder to see what i use. You have any recommendations? Another place i go to to get some actions for Photoshop is Graphicriver. They have ALOT of things for you to browse thru. And most is quite reasonably priced. 

And now my shop. You did know i had one right? Well i do and it’s at Curioos.  Here are 3 of the many pieces of art i have in my shop, so go check that out and buy something. 



p.s You can also follow me on facebook and instagram. Look forward to seeing you there!

Pain And Suffering.

This image came about whilst listening to some Linkin  Park – a great band, if you’ve never heard of them before. Anyway, I had the art bug in me, had all these idea in my head of what i wanted to do. I even searched on the internet for images i wanted to work with, but ultimately this image came from just going with the flow of what the music was giving. Simple as that. i used some textures, stock, pngs, brushes and some adjustments, and i made this. Well i made this one and one other, go take a look at the COLLAGE gallery to see. I’m really pleased with how this turned out. My collage work is getting better. Don’t think i’ll be a class A collage person, but adding it to my digital art work really brings out the artist in me. The freedom that art brings me. I am still learning. I think art is a forever learning process as there are always new things to try, be it tutorials, brushes, actions, whatever it is. And that bring me peace in this mad world we live in right now. And now, onto the piece of art. Enjoy!



Well, this is a first.  i am posting an image fresh out of my digital mind. I am really leased with this one so much that i just couldn’t wait a day or so to post here and show it off to you. So, here it is. A merging of just two images -yes, two. Adding some hanging light pngs,a flare on the face and finally messing around with the adjustments, and that’s it! Wasn’t entirely sure how this would turn out. But as it’s Halloween around the corner, i think this one fits in quite well. I love the simplicity of the overall look. It did get to a point where i was just adding stuff to it cos it just looked too bare. But i decided to leave it, cos sometimes that bare space can work. And in this one it does. Or at least i think so. Hope you do too.

To see some of the things i used in this and other pieces of my art, go check my Deivant Art favourites folder


Cold And Alone

Hey all!

Todays image is another one of those images that just….came together! I am loving the double exposure effect at the moment, and thought about doing something for halloween. The image is pretty simple. Just layering images on top of each other, image adjustments, a few textures, erase a few parts and VOILA!! A finished image. I tried to keep it as simple as possible. Because as i found, doing too much to it, took away the feel of the overall image.

And if you have one, i am on instagram too. Always posting art on there. So come follow me.

Also while i am here. If you would like to buy my art, i have a shop over at Curioos. They sell prints and now pillows and throws. So go check my shop and buy something.

Cold And Alone

Pleasure Principle

Haven’t posted for a while. Why? Been getting myself acquainted with Adobe Illustrator. My new toy! It’s so much fun, but it’s really difficult to lean. But i did it with photoshop, i can do it with illustrator.

Anyways, onto the image. This one came about because i wanted to do something a little more “racy”. But trying to keep it so people wouldn’t be too afraid of sharing it with others. That make sense? Loved looking for the right image to use in this. There are some really un-pg pics out there i could have used that would have looked great.  But the one i chose did have a black strip strategically placed – so peoples blushes are saved! And it reminded me of someone i know too. which was a bonus. Maybe one day i’ll do more risqué art. Been meaning to do that. Both men and women.  So, i hope you like what you see and feel fit to pass it on.

To see some of the things i use in my images, check out my Deviant Art favs folder. I put most of what i use in there.


Pleasure Principle

Read My Mind

I love this photoshop action i found on the internet. And i altho i have used it before in my art, i am always thinking of ways to add my mark to it and make it my own. And with a few brushes and other image adjustments, i came up with this. Minimal,possibly abstract, but a cool looking image.
To see just some of the things i use in the images i make, go check out my favs folder over at Deviant Art.  

Circle In The Sand

Ok, so i haven’t been on for a while. Mainly cos i’ve been having some killer migraines that have left me drained. But (touch wood!) i am making new art,so i am posting some of what i’ve made. And i am liking what i make. All shapes n stuff!

See more by clicking the tabs. I post almost daily.

I am also on instagram, if you want to follow me there – @lucydyerart


funky 50

Hey! Check These Out!

So, I’ve been a little busy of late. Well, finally getting rid of twitter and facebook does bring alot more time to do more art. Which is not a bad thing. It also give some time to try out more styles, and make them my own.  Below are some of the images i have made since i last posted. I am always adding more to the galleries. I’ve also added a BLOG tab at the top, so i can keep all my musings in one place. And for you guys to see my art as soon it loads.

I’m On The Web!


My Shop




Deviant Art


Broken Promises

Think i went a little mad on this one. Altho i do like the outcome. Used an action, which can be found via – and then my mind went mad on it. The model in the image looked oriental, so i wondered if adding some oriental photoshop brushes to the image would make it any better. And it did! First time i think that i have used dragons in an image like this. Really pleased with how it has turned out. Minimal but pretty funky! Will be adding this to my shop in the coming days,so keep your eyes open for that.

Promises Broken

My Art As Throw Pillows!

Well Curioos went and upped what they offer. They are now doing pillows and throws. I’ve put a few up there, so go check those out. I’ll put more up soon. I’ve posted some images of what they will look like and links to the shop pages.

Link to my shop –

Link to pillow/throw page –