Teasingly Unofficial.

“Teasingly Unofficial”

The shop where i sell my art now sells t shirts, so i thought i would put a few up. These are unofficial and fan made by me in appreciation of the tv show Redacted Tonight with Lee Camp. I’ve also put up a print for you too, in case that is more your bag. So go check them out, and buy one! And maybe go wear one to a tapping of Redacted Tonight too.

LINK for tees.

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Play Tag

I returned to a style with this image. Something i don’t always do. I usually wear a style out, i get bored with it, and it never (ish) gets used again. But sometimes life just doesn’t work the way you wan them too. And i needed something that was safe, and something i knew i could do. Hope you guys like the image.

Play Tag.jpg

Armed And Punked

With actions, textures, brushes and some great new stock images found on the interwebs, it’s always new art for me! Not that what i make i will post online. Oh no. Most will never see the light of day. And i only keep them so that i can see where i went wrong and to spur me on to do better.

I love the steampunk look. Some of the clothes I’ve seen in pictures are amazing! Go check some out when you get the chance. I think i even managed to find a steampunk vampire. Awesome sauce. 🙂

So, check out the image and let me know what you think.


Armed And Punked.jpg



Save A Life

i found this great site, i think it was THIS one but remember google is your friend, where they have some great stuff you can use in your art. I found something that makes your images old and worn, and played around with it for a while. For me, not all images i tried it with worked that well. But then i might not have using it right for that image. Anyway, i used it on this collage i was doing. Mainly cos it need something cos it just looked to bare. Hope you like it.

Save A Life.jpg


Remember that post i wrote a little while ago about how i submitted a piece of my art for Digital Design 5@ Cyberia? Well, i got short listed! Man, does that make me SO friggin happy! So i am onto the next step in getting my art onto a wall, in a gallery. Something i have always dreamed about.

Now if i get no further, it doesn’t bother me. Because i am just so gob smacked that i have gotten this far.

So, check out the piece i entered and let me know what you think.


I love putting my own “thing” into an image if i have used an action or a brushes or texture, whatever. I don’t like to just use whatever it is the way it is meant. I add a twist. Whatever that is. It can be using it multiple times, or changing the colour, size etc etc. To see what i have used in my images, or plan to, go HERE.

This image came out of this process. And i am quite pleased with how it’s turned out. I like to keep people on their toes as to what my “style” may be. Enjoy!


Coral Beached

I love finding new things to play with. Whilst on my interweb travels, looking for some sweet trinket that will amaze me and make my art even more super dooper than it already is, i came across some great actions,stock images, textures and brushes. I felt like christmas had come a little early! So i played around with them, as you so, and came up with this. I’ve also done some more, which you can find in the galleries.

Hope you like this as much as i did making it. Damn that sounded so corny! 😛

Coral Beached