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Where’s The Art?

Just so you guys know, you can find my art here by clicking the tabs up top. Go on, look up to the top of the page. Yup, right there. There you’ll find a DIGITAL, COLLAGE and POLITICAL tabs. Click one and you’ll see the art i have made. I am always adding to it, so if you want to know when i post any new art, please subscribe. Thank you.

Another Year older

Another Year older

Activist, comedian, author, rantaholic, coffeeholic, whiskeyholic and host of the New York Times’ absolute *favourite* show Redacted Tonight, Lee Camp, celebrates another year of awesome on July 21nd. Leave the birthday boy a comment and a whiskey or two!”

lee 4.jpg

“Living Well”

New image called “Living Well”. I used a double exposure technique in this digital image. Love the oddness and offset of the images used. See more like this over at my website.