Hey folks!

Sorry for no posts past couple of days. been busy, and been a tad ill too. Not a good combination i can tell you! Anyway, i’m back and posts should be back to normal. Hopefully once a day. Or every other day.

So onto the post. This wasn’t how i wanted this image to turn out. Oh no. I wanted it to be bright, eye catching, very minimal and oh so abstract. But i just couldn’t get the image just how i wanted it. Must have been my perfectionism at work. And at play. See? It can be both a pleasure AND a pain in the arse to be a perfectionist. Altho lately i am finding that i don’t mind what i come up with. I’m learning to be pleased and excited by what i come up with. It’s not easy being an artist. This must be what it feels like for a writer. Not quite knowing just to put down in words, that feeling inside you have.

I used an action, some brushes and parts of a texture. Oh and i fiddled around with the adjustments too. As you do when making art. I still say, there is no right or wrong way to make art. It comes from within.

By the way, want to see what things i use in my art? Well, go check out my Deviant Art favourites page. Most of the stuff on there, are in the images you see on this site.

Scratched Saint